Our tools are manufactured to the highest precision level, in our own company, and are subjected to consistent tests and a final check. 

We have avoided cheap imports, and Asian production, and opt wittingly for the economical location of Europe instead.
General manager Stefan Aehnelt says, “We don’t see our staff as cost factor but as the basis of a success concept, with which we accept the challenge of the international market.”

“It’s our aim, to provide you with tools, which enable you as instrument manufacturer to apply your handicraft potential in a most efficient manner. We select materials which guarantee an extremely long life, and it’s our aim to give you tools you can always rely on.”

“And, because the manufacture of a good musical instrument is also a piece of love, we meld together precision and traditional designer.

F-Hole Drill, large
Old price 27.79 €
14.60 *
F-Hole Drill, small
Old price 27.79 €
14.60 *
Ceramic Bowl
Old price 61.29 €
32.18 *
Mouthpiece Removal Tool
Old price 93.22 €
48.94 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery